A Book for the Non-Reader

Go figure! A book for the “non-reader.” The reality is, I never fully read a book until I wrote my own and had to proof-read it. The person I envisioned reading this, is the one who doesn’t like to read (not limited to this of course). Guess what? That’s who is reading it.

One book reaches an entire family. What we see happen, is a shift take place in the heart of our readers and their family. After they read the book, they begin to desire a real relationship with Jesus and connect with places they can get help from. That’s exciting! This is where the local partnerships become critical. We are able to lead our readers to life-giving churches, ministries and organizations in their area to get any further help they may need.

Giveaway Breakdown

Our goal is to giveaway 10k books to 10k families in 2018. With Gods help and yours, this is possible!

In order to reach our goal to give away 10k books in 2018 we need to give away 833 Books to individuals, strategic locations and families each month. This costs Lets Go Ministry $2,707.25 each month for print and shipping to have them on hand and available.

We need your help to get these books out …

• Leads: Places we can give free copies of Break Out

(Prisons, Jails, Drug Rehab Facilities, Small Groups, Use as an outreach tool, Conferences, Local Churches, Church Book Stores, Libraries, A friend, A Neighbor, A loved one, A local business, book store, coffee shop)

• Couriers: People to deliver books on our behalf

• Partnership: Become a Book Sponsor

So far in 2018 we have given away 300 books (need funding and more leads) This month alone we have reached over 300 families with the power of Gods love through the Break Out Book Evangelistic tool. It truly is more than a book, it is a labor of love.

We are extremely thankful for your ongoing support in making this vision a reality. Your financial partnership helps us reach people daily with the Gospel and to give our readers the time, respect and love they need.

If you would like to become a monthly partner, please click here, or if you would like to sponsor the production & distribution of “Break Out,” please click here.

God bless you and your family,

– Jed Lindstrom


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