Sanford Teen Challenge

The image above is provided by the Teen Challenge Southeast Region Orlando, and was taken in Sanford, Florida at an event on April 13th. I cannot deny the doors God opens anywhere and anytime – thank you Teen Challenge for investing in me. I will always give back to you.

We gave away copies of Break Out at this event, and that’s just one of many places they are going. We are sending cases of Break Out to prisons, treatment facilities, and families desperate for a glimpse of hope for their loved ones and themselves. With the help of our many sponsors and Break Out Book couriers, we gave away 1,000 books in 1 month. My friend told me:

“Jed, I think this book is incredible. I don’t think you realize the magnitude of how it is helping the readers and those they are connected to.”

As he spoke this to me, another level of gratitude hit me. To be honest I dedicated this to God and His glory over two years ago and He is still using it as a ministry tool reconciling families in cities across America. God has done a lot with a very small and humble beginning.

Thank you for helping us give away 2,250 copies already in 2018. We value your partnership and it really is making an eternal impact. Remaining need: $2.1K / $5K to print the next 2K copies. Reaching 2K families.

I want you to know something from a personal level. When these books go out, I am able to personally connect with people I couldn’t have if this book didn’t exist. Thank you!

Hands to the Plow,
Jed Lindstrom

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