Minnesota Prison Tour

In 2018, I am going back to prison!  Mike Shea and I are in the process of visiting several Minnesota prisons, where we give away our books and share the hope of God.  This year, 1,000 copies of “Break Out” will be put in the hands of Minnesota inmates, and it is our prayer these men will be receptive and will open their hearts to Jesus.  These 1,000 copies are 10% of my goal to give away 10,000 copies of “Break Out” this year. (Click hereto learn how you can help sponsor the printing of these books).

So far we have visited facilities in Shakopee, Rochester, Sandstone, and Waseca.  We give out 100 copies of Mike Shea’s book “Serenity” and 100 copies of my book “Break Out” at each prison, and we have the opportunity to fellowship with the men.  Humbly, we are showing them what the church is called to be: love and light.

During our visits with the men who are incarcerated, we have the privilege of meeting many other people, like the Wardens, Correctional Officers, Community leaders and city organizations.  All of this collaboration brings a major impact!  More than we could ever do alone.

As the men and leaders receive free copies of our books, they become instantaneously excited to read it.  Please pray for each person who receives a copy of these powerful books, and thank you for your support.

The map image above shows all the prisons that we will visit over the course of this year.  This tour is in conjunction with Serenity Village Community Church.

Check back soon to see more blog updates from our prison tour!  Visit these links to learn more about Mike Shea’s book “Serenity” and my book “Break Out.”

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