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Meet Some of Our Couriers

Mariah Freeman

"Received my Break Out books! Thanks a lot.  I can’t wait to bring some of these to the girls in the jail. And I can’t wait to read this! God bless you and thank you for your work on furthering the Kingdom of Heaven!"

Valerie Kuhlman

"While reading the book, Break Out, I learned so much about a man I’ve been financially supporting since 2007. I started supporting Jed after I met him during an event at MN Adult and Teen Challenge. I knew instantly that God had done a miracle in his life after hearing his testimony. I never knew Jed’s past life as an addict or as a criminal, only until I read his book! God had done and is still doing many miracles in his life! The book certainly made me aware of the dangers of addiction, so much so, that I buy extra copies to give away. I’ve given his book to strangers, friends, relatives, and several to the Shakopee prison. I highly recommend you read it and get extra copies to pass on to others."


“I wanted to become a courier to share Gods love through Jed’s book because I have been inspired by Jed at a young age. I want to be who God has called me to be and this is one way I can start following Jesus and know my calling more clearly.”

Giving away this ministry tool is a way to share your faith and build relationships with those around you who are struggling. Would you like to help get free copies of Break Out into the hands of people you know? Then please submit the form below.

The requirements to become a courier is that you will be given free copies to give away, you will commit to help find additional avenues for giveaways, and support the mission as God leads you to. You will receive a free t-shirt or hoodie to wear when you deliver these books. Books are provided to you free of charge.

You are requesting to become a Break Out Courier and agree to not charge anyone for the free books, to help find additional locations to deliver them, and to support as God leads you. (required)

Financial Partnership

There are many ways to serve, and if you feel led, please consider becoming a Lets Go Ministry financial partner.

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