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Paul is one of our newest Break Out couriers.  As an airline pilot he meets people all over the globe.  Paul both financially contributed to the book project and gives copies away free to many in his travels.  Please continue to pray for Paul as he shares God's love through #BreakOutBook.



Jason says, "Jed came and ministered to a group of us at Teen Challenge.  Afterwards he handed out copies of his book 'Break Out.'  I started reading it and couldn't put it down.  I'm not a big reader, but everything he wrote about was talking about my life.  After reading about everything he went through, and seeing what God was able to do with his life, it filled me with hope and joy and spoke to my soul and gave me hope that there's a future for myself in doing God's work.  I plan on graduating Teen Challenge and pursuing my future in bringing souls to God's house and spreading the Word of God whenever possible. Thanks Jed."





Brian gave a a copy of "Break Out" to this young man, Jorden, who became addicted to drugs at the early age of 11. At the time Brian gave him the book, he didn't read it because he was only 14 years old and thought it was pointless. That was until he went through treatment and was released 4 days ago on April 13th 2018. 

I was able to meet Jorden and Brian over a delicious steak dinner, speaking into his life and praying with him. Jorden is going to start reading my book now, and he's hopeful with his new life - sober and clean - things are looking up. Please pray for Jorden. Thank you.

Mariah Freeman

Mariah, one of our volunteer couriers, is giving copies of "Break Out" to women in jail.

Mariah says: "Received my Break Out books! Thanks a lot.  I can’t wait to bring some of these to the girls in the jail. And I can’t wait to read this! God bless you and thank you for your work on furthering the Kingdom of Heaven!"

Thank YOU, Mariah! You are sharing Jesus with these ladies - the ultimate Gift!



Ramsey County Jail (MN)

On March 14th 2018, I was able to go into the jail where I was once incarcerated back in October 2004. I was able to share a message titled “What Are You gaining?” And the question I posed to the men was, what are you gaining that’s causing you to lose everything? It was a powerful message, and the men were impacted.

I was able to do a special book signing inside of the jail for these men. It was absolutely amazing. I believe that within the jails and prisons of America lay special treasures, and when God gets a hold of their lives they become active agents of change.


"When Jed came, he prayed over me and I felt a difference in my spirit for the better. I decided to read the book and I felt like he was talking about me so it drew me in. The book brought great hope to me that my end may end up like Jed's."

Anonymous Student at Duluth MN Adult and Teen Challenge Northland



Maggie Hunt

"This book saved my life. I first read it, and not only was it a simple read, but it was a page-turner and kept me interested the whole time. I don’t read many books more than once—but this one is different. Jed’s story reminded me that I’m not alone! I’m not the only one who struggles with addiction and has a not-so-beautiful past. Jed’s relationship with the Lord is so apparent in his transformation from criminal to servant. It’s so inspiring! A MUST READ!"

Valerie Kuhlman

"While reading the book, Break Out, I learned so much about a man I’ve been financially supporting since 2007. I started supporting Jed after I met him during an event at MN Adult and Teen Challenge. I knew instantly that God had done a miracle in his life after hearing his testimony. I never knew Jed’s past life as an addict or as a criminal, only until I read his book! God had done and is still doing many miracles in his life! The book certainly made me aware of the dangers of addiction, so much so, that I buy extra copies to give away. I’ve given his book to strangers, friends, relatives, and several to the Shakopee prison. I highly recommend you read it and get extra copies to pass on to others."




"I think these books could make a huge difference on people who have lived our lives. It would make me feel good to take part in spreading the word to other people who have lived this life. You have given such a strong message of God, in the power that He has to heal us. I would like to take part in sharing that. I would be willing to receive the books and go to these jails to donate them and spread the Word with prayer. After seeing you and Rick and praying with you, you sparked a flame in my heart that makes me want to help share that word of what God can really do for us.

I feel that I have taken a pass which pushed God away from my life. And after meeting with Rick and yourself, for some reason I have this overwhelming power to get back in touch with my spiritual life with God. I know that it will make a difference in life because I've been there before. I just never knew how much I missed my spiritual life until we met. I am blessed to have crossed your path, and am eternally grateful. Only God could have made this happen."


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