Break Out Stories

Karla Whiteford & Alaina Richards

I met Karla and her daughter Alaina just a month or so ago. We talked and I was able learn how Alaina and her mom could relate to my life. SO I felt led to give them a copy of my book "BreakOut." A few weeks later Karla shared with me how the book touched her and her daughters life.

I was able to meet them again at their home and I learned that since reading the book, Karla has been ignited to share Gods love like never before (actively gives the book away) Alaina has since come back to the Lord and is going to church once again re-kindling her love for Jesus and her family. Now they purchase these books regularly to give away to others - to give them hope for their future as well as encouragement for their life in recovery.


Thomas Kearney

Recently one morning, the Holy Spirit led me into a wonderful time of prayer beginning at 3:50am, that progressed later in the morning to visit Mr. Thomas Kearney, Principal of New Heights School in Stillwater, MN. I graduated from high school there 19 years ago. As I sat in his office this morning, I saw the original version of my book "Break Out" and it really warmed my heart to see that it was a book he valued.

Mr Kearney shared with me how he shares my story with students and parents often and shows them my book. I give God the glory for this because only Jesus can do such an amazing work. So I dropped him a handful of the revised and expanded edition and talked about many other things. I am very thankful for New Heights School and the staff who work hard for the students to get a great education.

Learn more about New Heights here and we will be sharing more of this story soon and connecting with them in the near future to keep sharing God's wonderful love through the "Break Out" story.

Zach Osiowhemu

I was re-connected with Zach just over a month ago and I was glad to see him doing very well with his life. Zach comes from the street life, and understands what its like to struggle with crime and drug addiction. He now runs a business/ministry called ROC Detail in Brainerd Minnesota, helping give people a second chance in the workplace and lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

During a recent visit with Zach, I was able to share my new book and he was excited to learn how God is using it. I wrote the book for those who struggle in life on multiple levels including crime and drug addiction. Zach immediately bought some for his employees, purchased some so he could give them away, and additionally was very generous and became a sponsor of 10 books for us to give away freely as opportunities arise.

We are very thankful to God for Zach and ROC Detail.


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