Ministry Highlights

Duluth, MN  Outreach Events

150 copies of Break Out were given away (hand delivered) in Duluth, Minnesota in just 24 hours. Not only that, but the message and hope of Jesus was shared as well. As we give away books, the Gospel is demonstrated. We spend time with the recipient, and we see, firsthand, lives being impacted for eternity. With your ongoing partnership and sacrifice this is possible, and we are thankful. Thank you.

• All staff and students of MN Adult and Teen Challenge Northland received copies.

MN Adult and Teen Challenge Northland filled their curriculum library so students can read and return them.

• We gave copies at the Union Gospel Mission as the homeless and broken came in to get a free meal.

• Every copy had a special insert representing and promoting Serenity Village Community Church.

• We donated the proceeds of the book sales along with a stack of books to the Shining Light Christian Bookstore for a very special cause.

• 15 people surrendered their hearts to Jesus during ministry times.

• Since we are directly connected to local churches and ministries in the area, each person has a wonderful church they can now get plugged into for a lifetime of discipleship and equipping.

• Since each book reaches an entire family, we anticipate these 150 books will reach over 500 people this year! You share in that harvest and we are grateful. Please keep praying for us as we continue the work of the ministry. 

Huge thank you to Ricky and Brenda for hosting me, the Sayler family for leading worship, Pastor Mike and the Northern Light Christian Church family, Matthew for worship and podcasting, Kenny for organizing, Abby for support, Shining Light Christian Bookstore for book signing, Jeremy and Teen Challenge students for volunteer support and everyone else who made this a great success!!

A Book for the Non-Reader

Go figure! A book for the “non-reader.” The reality is, I never fully read a book until I wrote my own and had to proof-read it. The person I envisioned reading this, is the one who doesn’t like to read (not limited to this of course). Guess what? That’s who is reading it. 

One book reaches an entire family. What we see happen, is a shift take place in the heart of our readers and their family. After they read the book, they begin to desire a real relationship with Jesus and connect with places they can get help from. That’s exciting! This is where the local partnerships become critical. We are able to lead our readers to life-giving churches, ministries and organizations in their area to get any further help they may need.


Giveaway Breakdown

Our goal is to giveaway 10k books to 10k families in 2018. With Gods help and yours, this is possible!

In order to reach our goal to give away 10k books in 2018 we need to give away 833 Books to individuals, strategic locations and families each month. This costs Lets Go Ministry $2,707.25 each month for print and shipping to have them on hand and available.

We need your help to get these books out …

Leads: Places we can give free copies of Break Out

(Prisons, Jails, Drug Rehab Facilities, Small Groups, Use as an outreach tool, Conferences, Local Churches, Church Book Stores, Libraries, A friend, A Neighbor, A loved one, A local business, book store, coffee shop)

Couriers: People to deliver books on our behalf

Partnership: Become a Book Sponsor

So far in 2018 we have given away 300 books (need funding and more leads) This month alone we have reached over 300 families with the power of Gods love through the Break Out Book Evangelistic tool. It truly is more than a book, it is a labor of love.

We are extremely thankful for your ongoing support in making this vision a reality. Your financial partnership helps us reach people daily with the Gospel and to give our readers the time, respect and love they need.

If you would like to become a monthly partner, please click here, or if you would like to sponsor the production & distribution of "Break Out," please click here.

God bless you and your family,

– Jed Lindstrom

Book Party at Northshore Pizza and Coffee House

Our entire family traveled up together to hold a book party with Luke and Marita Klevgaard at their business Northshore Pizza and Coffee House. Their hospitality and generosity were matchless and the book party was highly enjoyed by everyone who participated.

As we gave out books to people from all walks of life the excitement built minute by minute. A local bartender, a young woman struggling with opioid addiction, many families coming together purchasing multiple books for their loved ones and hearing a message of hope and freedom. Everyone who came received a personalized copy, a heart-changing prayer and a word of encouragement.

Jesus was the center of this all, and we give God all the glory! Being able to share my story here, and book was absolutely life-changing. Amen! So thankful for what God has done here, and excited for what’s to come. Learn more at

Thank you Northshore Pizza and Coffee House for hosting us!

– Jed Lindstrom