We have been able to give away and sell over 5,000 copies of Break Out since its release in October 2015. Since each book typically reaches an entire family, you have helped us reach over 20K people with Gods love, through this ministry tool and we are just getting started.

Break Out is making its way to families in need, those incarcerated in county jails & state prisons, drug rehabilitation facilities and through the streets of America. We receive phone call's, emails and Social Media messages requesting the book often, which tells me, God is on the move with this. We can't stop selling it or giving it away.

I am asking you to help us take this special ministry tool to the next level.  It’s not about me. It’s all about Jesus and the lives He wants to touch through our partnership. My vision is to give away 10K books by the end of 2018! Since one book reaches an entire family we will reach approx. 40K people by the end of 2018! 

Sponsor Books

$4 = 1 book sponsored reaches an entire family
$40 = 10 books sponsored reaches 10 families
$80 = 20 books sponsored reaches 20 families
$200 = 50 books sponsored reaches 500 families
$1000 = 250 books sponsored reaches 250 families
$2000 = 500 books sponsored reaches 500 families
$4000 = 1000 books sponsored reaches 1000 families
$10,000 = 2500 books sponsored reaches 2500 families

Order Books

Paperback copies of Break Out are available to purchase at $10 per copy. If you order 10 or more, you can receive a 40% discount off the cover price.
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Break Out is also available digitally on the Amazon Kindle. The digital copy has the full expanded and revised text, matching the print version!
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